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      India's Republic Day parade



      Vinay N. Kumar, Grad student, solar energy enthusiast, struggling ambivert.

      India became a republic on 26th Jan, 1950 and on this day the constitution of India was effected. Every year on this day, the Indians across the nation celebrate the spirit that is India. The parade in New Delhi, in the presence of the President of India is organized to celebrate and display, India's military prowess, our amazing diversity and honour out martyrs, bravehearts. The theme in my opinion must remain same. I do not want to say that the tradition being followed is outdated. That's the thing about tradition, it may seem old, but its not outdated.  However, adoption of technology, introducing newer themes with broader scope will be a break in monotony and make the celebration interesting. 

      It must not be forgotten that this day was because of the efforts of many hardworking men and women of the drafting committee, who gave us a dynamic constitution. We must remember them and feel proud of what they have left for us. It is in my opinion more than the 2 hour parade.




      shwin Singh, Chillaxing since 1990

      No, not at all. If it is then the festivals we celebrate also been outdated a long time ago. 

      It's our culture which is refreshed there every 26th of Jan. If you go on the past then you'll see the organizers are always improvising something new in it from aero stunts to ground parade. It's the best way to show our traditions, our culture and the power of our constitution in the form of parade.




      Deepanshu Rastogi, Software Engineer. Just looking for something I don't know of.

      Not outdated but certainly some improvements can be done. 

      First thing which comes to my mind is to install cameras at different positions and angles on our fighter jets.

      And a huge screen on which the images will be projected.

      That will be really good to watch.







      Why do you feel so , Some traditions are never outdated. They will show case our cultural and geographical diversity , our military might to the world.



      Namita, works at Retail

      if u talk abt content--there is always room fr improvment

      bt as a concept--no---it isnt outdated

      it has immense relevence as a national symbol of pride

      Republic Day in India is celebrated every year by organising a huge and grand Republic Day parade in New Delhi at Rajpath, India Gate. Republic Day parade is held annually on 26 of January after the Flag hoisting by the Indian President. This activity becomes the main attraction of Republic Day Celebration of India which generally extends for next 3 days until the beating retreat ceremony. It is organized by the Indian go nment to represent the defence capability, cultural and social heritages of India in front of the world.

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      Bhadresh Jani, Online Tutor at NeelSoul (2009-present)

      Yes, friends, Indian republic day is very famous even outside india, there is main two reason behind the popularity.

      1.) Indian population outside india

      2.) The constitution of india itself a great subject t study.





      Shaurya Raj, studies Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra (2022)

      Burj Al Khalifa change its lighting colour to the three colour of our flag. People in USA and UK also celebrated this day their are many more such examples are there.



      Monsoor Choudhury, A Proud Indian

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